Partial Discharge Theory


Partial discharge (PD) is also refer to dielectric breakdown of a small portion of a solid or fluid electrical insulation system under high voltage.

PD can occur in a gaseous, liquid or solid insulating medium. It often starts within gas voids, such as voids in solid insulation or bubbles in transformer oil. Protracted partial discharge can erode solid insulation and eventually lead to breakdown of insulation.
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Partial discharge measurement system

A partial discharge measurement system basically consists of:
  • a test object 
  • a coupling capacitor of low inductance design 
  • a high-voltage supply with low background noise 
  • high-voltage connections 
  • a high voltage filter to reduce background noise from the power supply 
  • a partial discharge detector 
  • PC software for analysis 

Effects of Partial discharge

-leading to electrical breakdown
-leading to complete failure -irreversible mechanical and chemical deterioration of the insulating material -an electrical explosion.


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