Generation Control

Principles of Generation Control

  • In an interconnection system, power stations are connected synchronous and the frequency should be the same.
  • The load in power system always change, sometimes change rapidly.
  • The generator must able to increase its ouput from zero to full load quickly
  • It is impossible for the generator output equal to the load in the system.
  • When the generator output exceeds the demand load, the  generator speed and frequency will increase and vice versa.
  • The frequency for each station is not always fixed, but the change is very small.
  • To overcome the change of frequency, then it must be monitored based on the standard resources.
  • If any frequency changes, the generator's output control action should be taken.
Conditions for the two generators that can be operated in the interconnection system is:

  1. Same sequence.
  2. Same frequency.
  3. Same busbar voltage.
  4. Generator must be able to increase output from zero to full load quickly.
Generation Control System

  1. Tie-line control
  2. Automatic Generation Control
  3. Turbine speed control

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